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Tavola Rotonda a Palma de

Tavola Rotonda a Palma de Mallorca

Locandina evento
Locandina evento

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Moderated by the Club de Mar Mallorca sports adviser the Olympic medalist, Theresa Zabell, the experts Stefano Faggioni, yacht designer; the carpenter Grimalt Mateo and Javier Pujol, owner of Calima (1970), have provided their views on what can be done to help recover the naval assets and analyze the status of the fleet of classic in Spain.
Stefano Faggioni, Doctor Honoris Causa by the Univesidad of Genoa and Milan, used this oportunity to launch a challange to Mallorca Yacht Clubs "to save a thypical traditional boat (Llaut), means to save the landscape of Mallorca, its culture," he assured. "Every club should take care of one of these boats now recovered in the Bellver cavern, restore it and convert it in his own flag. In that way, they don't only save a boat, but will be also preserved a portion of the history and the culture of the island", he underlined.
  With extensive experience in the field of restoration of classic boats, Faggioni has also argued that "the restoration of classic boats is a cultural activity and so should be taught in school". Transmit to young people the information, "A good communication is essential to instill the necessary respect to save the heritage and also a trade, in the case of the Balearic carpenters that we are missing."

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