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Our Mission

Our Mission

Stefano Faggioni
Stefano Faggioni


Our style design for new constructions are designed for the maximum respect of the environment, not imposing eccentric forms but rather seeking dialogue, even critic, with the construction, being this a house or a boat that will change according to the geographic area. This avoids any kind of arrogance and shame approaching to traditional architecture or boats which have always been, in effect, part of our landscape.

The design, for us  must not be the desperate search for the diversity that often creates unnatural forms of some boats, but it's rather a question of balance. It has always been like this, from Palazzo Farnese to Villa Farnsworth, as well as from the J Class to the great Liners.
Restoration is carried out with the same perfection in the tiniest details that characterised the Italian shipbuilding industry in the golden age when it produced the finest liners in the world, when the only working brief was the quest of excellence.


Our project is always guided by a philosophy that tries to penetrate widely in all phases concerning it.

For this reason, often and often we co-operate with external professional figures, good people first, who share honestly the same spirit and embrace our philosophy, persuaded as we are that team work, if done in the name of respect of the people, always leads to great results.

So we can provide the excellence to our customer, not only in design or architecture, but also in engineering, the art of communication media and photographs, manufacture of furniture, including business and project managers of full confidence who can satisfy both the designer as the client.