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Italian National Meeting: "Naval and Maritime Culture. A heritage to preserve and enhance "
Intervention of Stefano Faggioni entitled: "The poetry of craftsmanship, a heritage that generates art and culture".
Genova, Villa Cambiaso, 20th June 2014.
In 2013, the year of Italian culture, some, including Umberto Eco, have faced the problem of the origins of our national culture that he goes back to the birth of the University, but we, as enthusiasts of the naval and maritime history we would like to propose a different point of view: the source of our identity and our national culture go back, certainly, to the creation of the first universities around eleventh Century, but certainly have a great tribute to the contemporary emergence of free communes and the Maritime Republics.
With the maritime republics a large naval and maritime culture took shape after the dark centuries of the Middle Ages and it developed with a growing flourish of traffic, ports and arsenals where they play, over the centuries, an essential role in the ships as the fundamental means of sea and rivers' transport. This explains the large quantity and quality of universities, museums, libraries, associations, foundations and free cult members who study and transmit the many historical, social, technical, industrial and commercial aspects of our naval and maritime activities still so alive in our culture and tradition.
University of Genoa and ATHENA felt the need to create a meeting to build a network of contacts open to all the different companies operating in the sector: thus the idea to organize a National Conference of Naval and Maritime Culture constituting a real opportunity for knowledge, comparison, exchanges, collaborations and synergies.
This Conference, therefore, intends to carry out this project that wants to develop, enhance and strengthen the many areas in which the naval and maritime culture is preserved and cultivated not only nationally.

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