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Conferenza a Monforte de

Conferenza a Monforte de Lemos (Galizia)

CEM 13-12-14
CEM 13-12-14

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Another European Sailing Fraternity (ESF) Conference took place about the Restoration of Vintage Boats in Europe by the international expert Stefano Faggioni.

Monforte de Lemos (Galicia - Spain) 13th December 2014.
Another ESF Conference took place about the Restoration of Vintage Boats in Europe by the international expert Stefano Faggioni.
The 13th of December the European Sailing Fraternity has developed a new action to promote the Maritime Culture through the conference held by the expert Stefano Faggioni in reconstructing of Vintage Boats. The conference took place in Monforte de Lemos and members and friends of the Fraterinty from Spain and abroad were there.
The lecturer, Stefano Faggioni, belongs to a family with a long tradition in the restoration and enhancement of vintage boats again. As naval architect Stefano has helped to come back to sail known old boats like Astra, Candida, Lulworth, Patience and many others, as well he made the project for the Replica of Britannia, the ship of the King George V of the United Kingdom that made the history of yachting.
In the conference Stefano has answered to the following questions:
– What is the goal of the restoration ?. Save what is part of our culture – because these boats, independent if they have luxury finishes or work finishes, are authentic pieces of art, like all traditional work we are unfortunately missing.
– How are the boats ?. We can find them sometimes abandoned at sea and sometimes in the field. Often they come to us through passionate people who understand its value and want to save what can often defined as a piece of history of sailing.
– What jobs have to be developed to recover the boat ?. First of all we have to start a search for material that tell us the history of the ship and make us understand the reason for the changes he suffered. Afterwards we start on the reconstruction of the true soul and spirit of the ship. We do this with a very friendly project that, once recognized the soul of the project (located at a certain time) we follow the aesthetic aspects of the ship. That is mean, that all you draw (stick, tools, interiors, accessories) do with an original spirit that allows us to restore the original atmosphere.
– How an vintage boat can achieved and maintain its atmosphere the latest security and navigation technologies? All modern technology is welcome on board because it does mean security and all requirements to continue living on in our day. The skill of the designer is to perfectly hide all these new machines to the eye of the shipowner who wants to live in a perfectly consistent with the period of the ship environment without giving up the comforts of today.
– What is the future of the restoration of boats? Everything depends on the importance of saving these boats is interpreted as a need or as a cultural action. I hope also the governors and associations which are caring culture of our country remember that shipbuilding, navigation, marine arts and everything that is related to the sea, is part of us and our culture and deserves all our efforts to save.
Shortly It will disposal a full conference at the youtube channel of the ESF.

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